Rye City Schools Tackle Vaping/E-Cig Use

Shout Out to Superintendent, Dr. Eric Byrne, and our sector partners at the Rye City School District for taking aim at the emerging trend of Vaping & e-Cig Use.  Dr. Byrne partnered with RyeACT to create a flyer highlighting research and statistics about the risks associated with e-Cig use and Vaping, along with reminders about NY State laws and School District policies around use.  The flyer was distributed with a letter from Dr. Byrne to all faculty and staff, as well as parents in the district K-12.  Copies of the flyer are also being made available through the Rye High School Guidance Office.

Did you miss the flyer?  Click the link below to check it out!!


“Speaking of Psychology: The mental price of affluence”


From the American Psychological Association: “American teens from upper-middle class families are more likely to have higher rates of depression, anxiety and substance abuse than any other socioeconomic group of young people, says psychologist Suniya Luthar, PhD.”